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Making Corrections to Your Aadhaar Card Online

When you need to make a correction to an official document: whether it’s your address due to moving house or your name due to marriage, or just your mobile phone number, it is often hard to find the motivation to make the changes due to all of the obstacles and steps needed to carry them out.

If you need to make changes to your AC details, it is a simple process. In this article we explain what you need to to:

If you find yourself needing to make changes to your own or your child’s Aadhar information, you can either make these changes online or via a postal request. Both methods are not time-consuming or difficult. They are outlined below.

*Note: If you are seeking to change your registered mobile phone number because you no longer have access to the one you used to register, you will have to make the request by post. This is because your one-time pin to access the online portal will be sent to your registered number*

Making changes online

With the Aadhar card, you have access to an online portal. This allows you do many things to do with your account and one of the facilities available is the ability to make amendments to your personal details with ease.

This page will tell you how to change the personal information on your account – this covers your name, surname, date of birth, gender and official address. For any other required changes, you will need to visit your local card centre and seek advice from the official staff there. This is because of the enhanced security that exists with the scheme and to limit opportunities for fraud.

Changing information on your account


Follow the simple steps below to amend the personal details on your AC account:

1. Visit the website and enter your Aadhaar number

2. A one-time PIN will be sent by SMS to your registered mobile number

3. Enter your one-time Pin (OTP)

4. A change request form will appear. Fill in the relevant details

5. Upload copies of the requested official documents. Here is the list.

6. Submit the form and documents

7. Note the ‘Update Request Number’ that appears on screen (allowing to check status updates)

To track the change in address correction request,

Making Changes if you have changed your mobile phone number

If you do not have access to the mobile phone number that you used to sign up – or if you would prefer to use an alternative method, you are also able to make change request via post. This is detailed below.

See this post to make a Change Request by Post

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