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Applying for AADHAAR CARD

You might think that it is going to be difficult or complicated to apply for an Aadhaar Card. The good news is – it isn’t! In this article, we guide you through the main things you need to know. Read on!

Things you need to know about applying:

1. Can you apply online?
2. Documents you need
3. The steps of the application 
4. The verification appointment/process

applying for aadhaar card

Can you apply online?

With so much of our daily business now conducted online, the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has put steps in place to enable you to complete much of the application online.

You are able to download and complete an application form online and book an appointment online. However, to complete your registration you need to attend an appointment at one of the many dedicated enrolment centres.

It is a requirement of all applicants to visit physically an Aadhaar enrolment centre. This is because you need to have your photograph verified and fingerprints and retina scan taken. Officials need to verify your identity fully.

So, what documents are needed?

Documents needed to apply:

1. Proof of identification – Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver’s License.

2. Proof or residence: Passport, Pan Card, Passport, PAN card, Driver’s License, Photo credit card, electricity or water bills (not older than 3 months), etc.

3. Proof of age: Pan Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.

For a complete list of accepted documents, just click here:

Application steps

The following steps outline the process of application and clearly shows which parts can be completed online and which cannot.

1. Search online for your nearest centre. Just, follow this link:

2. Next, download an application form. This can be done from here: (If you prefer you can pick one up from your nearest Aadhar card centre)

3. Complete the form, following the instructions carefully. Then, you need to arrange your appointment at the centre. For most centres, you can book your appointment online:

Please read below for more details and advice about the verification process:

Verification process

The application process has two steps, filling in a form, either online or in person, and attending a verification appointment in the centre.

Once you have completed the application form and gathered together all the relevant documents, you need to take the following steps so that your application can be verified.

The appointment is where all your details and identity is verified. It is necessary and important as it is the time when your biometric details are collected, and your official photograph is taken.

On the day of your application verification appointment

1. Arrive at the centre approximately one hour before the allotted time

2. During the appointment, an official will take your photograph

3. Next, your fingerprints and retina scans will be taken

4. You will be issued with an enrolment number

5. You will be given an expected delivery date

You can use your enrolment number to check the status of your application.

What happens after the verification appointment?

1. It is advisable to review the details filled in the form so that any changes can be done immediately. You can also make amendments afterwards, but this should be within 4 days from the date of submitting the application form.

2. After all this, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt from the center with your temporary enrolment number and the other details.

3. Please keep the record of the details mentioned on the slip safe, as these details will be used in the future if you will require to download a duplicate form online.

4. The Aadhar number is allotted once to the resident of India for a lifetime, so don't enrol again as you will not be able to gain a new number.

5. After verifying your personal details provided at the time of enrolment, you will first receive a confirmation SMS and an email. Then, you will get the printed card delivered to your postal address.

6. After receiving your registration details on your mobile and email, you can print the duplicate number online

7. Normally, the processing period is 60 to 90 days. However, it could take longer on account of the strict verification process followed by UIDAI and also depend on the accumulation of applications.

8. A rejection letter will be dispatched to your postal address after taking corrective action if the verification officer finds any issues during verification of application details.

9. The work of printing and delivery at your postal address is delegated to the Indian Post Office. This may take between three to five weeks.

Remember, it is important to contact your nearest Aadhaar card centre if you have missing, lost or out-of-date documents. They will then be able to offer advice.

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