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Check your Aadhar Card Status online - easy steps to check UID card Aadhaar card current status online 

You can easily check your AADHAR Card Status, and there are two alternatives of checking the Aadhar Card Status. Firstly, you can go for online option and Secondly, you can check it via SMS through your mobile.

The details of checking the AADHAR Card Status are given below:

Aadhar Card Status Online

As per UIDAI guidelines, it takes around 3 to 4 months to receive your Aadhar Card at your postal address from the time of enrolment at Aadhar Card Center. If you have applied for AADHAAR Card before 01st April’ 2012 and yet have not received the Aadhar Card, you might have to re-apply for the card.

To re-apply for Aadhar Card, click Aadhar Card not Received

After the successful verification of your details by UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India, you will get an acknowledgement on your registered mobile or email ID.

After receiving the acknowledgement, you can easily download the copy of duplicate AADHAAR card online with the help of credentials given on the acknowledgement slip given to you at the center at the time of enrolment.

You don’t have to wait for the original Aadhar card to be delivered at your postal address because the duplicate ADHAAR card has the same validity and acceptable anywhere as your identity and address proof.

To download the copy of duplicate AADHAAR card, click Download Duplicate Aadhar Card

If you have not got any confirmation for the Aadhar Card processing over your registered phone number and email ID, you can check the status online. For checking the status online, you need the credentials mentioned over the acknowledgement slip received from the Aadhar card center at the time of enrolment.

In the acknowledgement slip, look for these two items listed on the top:

  • 14 digit enrolment number
  • 14 digit date and time of enrollment
Please enter above mentioned two references in the boxes of Aadhar Card Status check page

For checking the Aadhar Card Status via phone, please send an SMS “UID STATUS<14 digits enrolment number>” (e.g. UID STATUS 12345671234567) to 51969.

If the AADHAAR card is generated for you, then after sending the SMS from your registered mobile number you will receive an Aadhar card number. Else you will get the current Aadhar Card status through SMS.

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  1. applied on line for correction of adhar card of mine and wife urno 0000/00189/64463&0000/00189/64975 but position yet not known