Everything You need to know about Aadhar Card?

The Government of India has provided its citizens with different significant legal documents, each meant for specific purposes, such as Ration Card, Voter’s ID, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, et al.

Everything You need to know about Aadhar Card

Aadhaar Card is provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It comes with a 12-digit Unique Identification Code which contains a person’s biometrics – photograph, fingerprints and a retina scan. It checks against any kind of counterfeit which makes it truly unique and prevents the misuse or re-use of a person’s ID. It has become preferably the best method for Indians to prove their identity and is also required by many authorities as a valid identity and address proof, apart from a host of other purposes.

Moreover, its hassle-free mode of application, easy access online from the comforts of one’s home and a multitude of facilities that come with an Aadhaar are pushing more and more citizens to opt for it. It can also be linked to a card holder’s bank account online. Though applying for Aadhaar is not mandatory unlike Voter’s ID, after knowing about so many benefits associated with it, you will certainly want to apply for it, if you still haven’t.

All Indian residents including migrants can apply for Aadhaar. The process of application can now be done easily online. You just need to fill the form online, after going through proper instructions directed at the UIDAI website. You can download the application form in translations in different languages and various formats following the above link.

The UIDAI has an inspection team in order to avoid any fraudulent activities at the centers, to ensure transparency while implementing the process and proper follow-ups of its guidelines and directions by the staff employed at the enrolment centres.

Applying for an Aadhaar and the process that follows are absolutely free of cost. So you don’t need to worry about paying for either an application form or facing any charges for enrolment fees at the centres. If the website or any enrolment centre is charging you for your application, you can immediately lodge your complaint to the nearest AC Regional Office or contact Head Office.

Unique Identification Authority of India

Today, this Identification agency is successfully running the largest identification number project in the world; where more than one billion people are given unique identification numbers. This project began in 2009 under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Nandan Nilekani, the co—founder of Infosys, was appointed as the Chairman of the Authority.

Later, UIDAI received a significant growth in its project when PM Singh launched a Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme to the AC in 2013. After the 2014 general elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support has also made it possible for the project to run smoothly and effectively.

Current Status

Today, UIDAI accounts for 67.5% of the total Indian population, and it has generated about 82 crores Aadhaar Numbers. The Aadhaar number is already linked with LPG connection, Voter’s ID, Ration Card and Bank Account. Many other projects are in the pipeline slated to begin under the leadership of UIDAI in the future. Moreover, UIDAI also aims to increase the awareness and ease of work.
So it has introduced the UID web portal and is recently launching the UID Android app for cell phones.

Advantages of the Aadhaar Card

First and foremost, it holds a person’s basic personal details which is unique for different individuals, i.e, biometric information. So, fake numbers can be recognised immediately, and any other matching eye scan and finger print is immediately erased. Its merits are as follows:

• Elimination, if any, of financial leakage of Government money by fraudulent activities, fake numbers and corruption.

• People who are applicable for the LPG subsidies or have subscribed for various government schemes and benefits can receive them directly to their bank account from the government.

• This greatly saves the trouble of making serpentine queues in front of government offices.

The government has already saved 15% of its budget for subsidies. This means that, out of an expected expenditure of Rs 100 crore, the government has saved about Rs 15 crore in the year 2014-15 mostly through linking Aadhaar to the holders’ bank accounts online.

Disadvantages of the Aadhaar Card

Naysayers today are still worried that the project may fail due to breach of privacy and security concerns. They are worried that the private data collected by UIDAI can be compromised with anyone in the world. However, the Authority has handled the data quite well in the past keeping the holder’s personal details absolutely personal and has demonstrated that this should continue in the future.

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